List of business allowed.
Cloths, Shoes, Mobile phones and accessories, electronic products, Mechanical
products, spare parts, jewelers, Fashion products, Brands, Cosmetics, Leather
products, Grocery items, Digital products, Garments, Home Appliances, TV and
LED and parts, Gift items, decoration items, renovation items, plastic and steel
items, all Machinery, Autos and cars, furniture.

List of business not allowed.
All illegal products, Foods and restaurants items, unregister Drinks or juices,
Can sellers sale products from Home?
Yes, and they can also sale their product through rykbazaar warehouses.
What is the commission?
Each orders are 10% to 15% but electronics and mobiles items are 5% to 3%.
Is any registration fees to attach rykbazaar as a vendor?
Yes, 1000rs/lifetime for registration fees and 3000rs/year for store( included all
supports) 1000/year for sms notification and managements. Total is 5000
Is there any trial period for sellers?
Yes. 90 days (three months) but registration fees 1000rs . after 90 days Rs.4000
will charged for supports and management. If you don’t need store you can

delete your store and don’t pay rs4000. Deleted store or related information can
never register again on rykbazaar it will be ban.
As a seller how can I fulfill my orders ?
After received order you can fulfill your order through our partner pickpoint
channel or can manually send product from any courier as you want to your
Is there any claim or recovery for unsatisfied customers?
Yes sure, if any seller sold fake item or low quality item or broken product or
mislead customers the rykbazaar can recover and holds payment of such vendor.
What is the duration of delivery ?
In City area of Rahimyarkhan delivery time is under 24hrs and all Punjab 72 hrs
(included all Pakistan). Delivery Charges are as you choose your Courier service.
Is there any free store for poors and needy person?
Yes , after verification of students and poor family or women rykbazaar will
giveaway a store for such person. Disabled person preferred.
The registration fees or package fees is refundable?
Can I cancel my package any time?
Yes. But the charges and fees cannot be refundable.
In any fraud/scam rykbazaar will be responsible to share your (Customer/vendor)
information to law agencies.
What is wallet topup rate?
In 2021 the wallet rate is Rs.1 for Rs.1 but in case of withdraw amount transaction
charges are applicable.

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